Course Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedures

Course Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy and Procedures

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) that recognises a student’s current skills and experience, regardless of when and where that learning occurred. Students can base their application for Recognition of Prior Learning on any combination of formal or informal training and education, work experience or general life experience.


In accordance with standards for Registered Training Organisations Gold Coast Learning Centre determines the amount of training they provide to each learner with regard to
  • the existing skills, knowledge and experience of the learner;
  • the mode of delivery;
  • where a full qualification is not being delivered, the number of units and/or modules being delivered as a proportion of the full qualification.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

  • RPL is the recognition of existing skills and knowledge, attained from previous study at non-vocational institutions or from work and life experiences, against course outcomes (learning outcome).
  • All RPL must be claimed via the submission of the RPL form. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the RPL form completely and include all relevant evidence, certified if necessary.
  • Recognition of prior learning suits people who have industry relevant skills, including:
    • Work skills or knowledge
    • Paid or unpaid work experience
    • Life experience
    • Community work experience
  • Evidence required to support an application for Recognition of Prior Learning may include:
    • A detailed resume
    • Letters from employers
    • An interview with the Assessor
    • Work skills or knowledge / work documents
    • Paid or unpaid work experience
    • Life experience
    • Community work experience

    Credit Transfer

    Students who have previously studied and successfully completed one or more subjects containing the same competencies as those offered by the College can apply for Credit Transfer. Credit Transfer is the recognition of VET study which has been conducted in Australia.
    • GCLC recognises Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications and statements of attainment issued by from other Registered Training Organisations (RTO). but evidence must be provided to receive Credit Transfer.
    • In addition, Gold Coast Learning Centre accepts authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar of the Student Identifier Scheme.
    • Students who have previously studied and successfully completed one or more subjects containing the same competencies as those offered by GCLC.
    • Credit transfer assesses the initial course or subject that the individual is using to claim access to, or the award of credit in, the destination course to determine the extent to which it is equivalent to the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards in a qualification. The College accepts qualifications from other RTOs.
    • To apply for Credit Transfer students will need to submit certified copies of their transcripts prior to starting with the College.
    • All Credit Transfer applications must be received with the course application.

Conditions for RPL/Credit Transfer

In relation to RPL and Credit Transfer the following conditions apply.
  • All supporting documents supplied must be true and correct.
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all necessary documentation is provided for assessment
  • RPL/ Credit Transfer applications must be received with the course application.

RPL / Credit Transfer Fees*

RPL Fee $ 450 per unit of competency Credit Transfer Fee $ 350 per unit of competency
  • RPL/Credit Transfer applications are not valid until all RPL / Credit fees and any outstanding course fees are fully paid.
  • A student may choose to apply for Credit Transfer and not to pay the fees in advance
    • GCLC will have the credit transfer application assessed and the credit transfer granted (if eligible)
    • GCLC may not offer any discounts for the qualification tuition fees. *Fees are subject to change at any time

Course Duration

  • Where a RPL/Credit transfer is granted the student’s course duration will be reduced.
  • Where a request for credit transfer is submitted after the student is granted a confirmation of enrolment (“CoE”) by the college, the student’s course duration on their CoE needs to be adjusted to reflect any reduction in the period of study.
  • Any changes made to the course duration needs to be reported to Department of Education via PRISMS. A CoE fee will apply.
  • Applicants will generally be notified in writing of RPL Assessment Outcomes within a suitable timeframe. This notification will advise the student to make an appointment with the academic staff to receive the RPL Kit. The records will be filled in hardcopy in the student’s file. For questions related to RPL please contact Student Services.
  • The College reserves the right to refuse any RPL application prior to course commencement.
  • The applicant is responsible for paying all postage and handling as necessary.
  • RPL assessments and decisions made by the college are final, however, students may choose to follow the complaints and appeals policy and procedure.

Procedures for Credit Transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning.

  1. During the application process, students need to inform the college of their intention to apply for Course Credit/Mutual Recognition/RPL.
  2. Students are advised to complete a RPL/CT Application Form which is available through our website. (this form is also available at G:forms\)
  3. The Application form should be read, filled out and signed by candidate. Upon receipt of the Application Form, A qualified assessor will initiate the Credit /RPL process and assess the evidence provided. Applicants must provide additional evidence if requested by the assessor.
  4. The Assessor will assess the evidence in relation to: validity, reliability, currency and fairness.
  5. 5. The Assessor will complete mapping of evidence provided by the students to the College’s training record for the course they are wish to apply credit to.
  6. A Credit Acceptance Record and an RPL Evidence Record/Sign off form will be prepared by the Assessor.
  7. The Manager will return the Application form with result of application and the 2 documents mentioned in step 6 to the Enrolment Officer. The Student will be asked to sign the both documents within 7 working days from the date of the letter.
  8. Upon receipt of the student’s Credit Acceptance Form, RPL Evidence Record/Sign off and the Application Form, the Enrolment Officer will issue an Offer Letter with the duration as confirmed by the Manager.
  9. If the granting of student course credit leads to a shortening of the student’s course, the Enrolment Officer must:
    1. Indicate the actual net course duration (as reduced by course credit) in the Confirmation of Enrolment issued for that student for that course if the course credit is granted before the student visa was granted, or
    2. Report the change of course duration via PRISMS under Section 19 of the ESOS Act if the course credit is granted after the student visa is granted.
  10. Students who are not satisfied with the application outcome are advised to access the Complaints and Appeal Policy and Procedure.
  11. All documents as well as all evidence provided by candidate should be filed in candidate’s file.