The spectacular Gold Coast, Australia's favourite destination

General English Courses Study English in Australia in the heart of Surfers Paradise

Learn English in Australia at Gold Coast Learning Centre, just minutes from the beach in Surfers Paradise on Australia’s famous Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Learning Centre offers four levels of General English study, providing high quality instruction in a friendly setting. Experienced staff and practical, flexible courses develop the knowledge, skills and fluency you need.

All four General English levels emphasise the core English language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and are suitable to everyone from beginners to advanced learners.

Courses are fun and flexible, designed by experienced teachers to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar.

Class sizes vary, with an average of 10 students per class to ensure a personalised, helpful and enjoyable learning environment.

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General English: Levels 1–4 (Elementary to Upper Intermediate) CRICOS Course Code: 073772G
Course SnapshotDetails
Starts:Every Monday
Average students per class:10
Maximum students per class:15
Course length:1–70 weeks
Hours per week: 20 hours per week

Start Dates and Pricing: General English

General English courses start every Monday.

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Scenic waterfalls and spectacular natural beauty, the perfect day out Golden beaches and clear blue ocean, the perfect spot to relax and have fun

Sun, surf, sand and study: study English in Australia with flexible courses to improve your English language skills while you enjoy the Surfers Paradise lifestyle

The General English courses at Gold Coast Learning Centre are flexible and modular, so you can enjoy the beach and lifestyle by focusing on the English language skills that best suit your needs.

Our courses are designed to meet both the social and English language needs of our learners, with the option of studying for 4 or 5 hours a day in a fun, friendly environment.

International students on working holiday or tourist visas may opt for the part-time course.

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General English Courses at Gold Coast Learning Centre

  • Speaking Focus: Improve the accuracy of your spoken English
  • Core Class: Grammar, reading, vocabulary, listening and speaking
  • Conversation: Fluency-oriented practice and listening tasks
  • Writing: Develop your vocabulary and writing skills

The General English courses at Gold Coast Learning Centre provide a pathway to further study, including the IELTS Exam Preparation course and many of our nationally-accredited courses.

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  1. Level 1 introduces students to new vocabulary and develops pronunciation skills using real-life content. Students then apply these new skills in a fun setting through meaningful daily conversation practice.

  2. Level 2 consolidates learning from Level 1.

    Students continue to build on their core skills with more extensive grammar instruction, reading practice, vocabulary expansion, listening and speaking skills practice.

  3. Level 3 is suitable for intermediate students.

    It helps students develop their vocabulary, expand their grammatical knowledge, and improve their reading and writing skills, either for the workplace or for further study.

    Speaking practice is designed for fluency, with debates on current issues and listening tasks that are focused on real-life examples.

  4. Level 4 is an advanced level of instruction, suitable for students who wish to extend their English fluency and accuracy in all core skill areas.

    Spoken English exercises at this level are designed to encourage you to sound like a native speaker of English.

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