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IELTS Exam Preparation Course Study English and prepare for your exam in Surfers Paradise on Australia’s Gold Coast

Improve your English and prepare for your International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam at Gold Coast Learning Centre, in the heart of Surfers Paradise on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

IELTS is an internationally accredited English Proficiency exam that provides evidence of the ability to use and comprehend English.

It is widely recognised and is accepted by more than 6000 institutions in over 120 countries around the world.

IELTS Exam Preparation: Intermediate level and up
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Starts:Every Monday
Average students per class:10
Maximum students per class:18
Course length:1–70 weeks
Hours per week:20–35 hours

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IELTS Exam Preparation classes start every Monday.

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Queensland's Gold Coast, one of Australia's favourite destinations

IELTS Exam Preparation Course: Flexible and effective lessons, helpful staff and excellent facilities, just a short walk from the beach in Surfers Paradise

IELTS Exam Preparation at Gold Coast Learning Centre focuses on the core English language skills measured by the IELTS Exams; Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.

To pass the IELTS examination successfully, students need to demonstrate these skills. Many courses provide students with “practice” of these skills.

However, in order to practice effectively, you need to learn and understand the micro-skills attached to these macro-skills.

In other words, in order to write an essay or to perform well in the speaking exam, IELTS students need to show the following micro-skills:

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  1. A wide range of grammar skills.
    These include tenses, adverb clauses, conjunctions, relative clauses, noun clauses, conditionals, comparatives and superlatives;
  2. Ability to use collocation
    Two or more words that are often used together in combinations that sound “right” to native English speakers. For example, you take a “quick” shower, not a “fast” one;
  3. Ability to use idiomatic language
    An idiom is an expression whose meaning can't be easily understood from the meanings of the words. For example, “get off my back” usually means “stop bothering me”;
  4. Correct use of punctuation;
  5. Correct spelling;
  6. Good intonation and pronunciation;
  7. Correct structure of an essay

Without these micro-skills, practicing for the IELTS exam can be difficult and ineffective.

For this reason, students from other institutions often complain about “not learning” or “not being taught” the necessary skills to do well in the exam.

This is often the result of preparation courses that focus only on practice and basic teaching of skills. These courses normally use a common IELTS Exam Preparation textbook and deliver lessons taken directly from the book every day.

Our IELTS Preparation course does not follow this textbook style.

At Gold Coast Learning Centre, we use our own in-house materials, written and developed specifically to give our IELTS students the underlying knowledge they need.

Our friendly, helpful and experienced staff are dedicated to ensuring you are thoroughly prepared and have valuable experience of what to expect.

Every day, our students are taught various micro-skills to help them gain the knowledge and confidence to perform well in the IELTS tasks.

Our course teaches IELTS skills and techniques.

It teaches you the necessary language for the IELTS exam and it teaches the required strategies.

It does not just provide practice.

Entry Requirements

Students require a minimum of intermediate level English in order to benefit from the course and must meet one of the following English language requirements:

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