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Gold Coast Learning Centre (GCLC) has a fair and equitable Complaints and Appeals policy and procedure that is compliant with ASQA and ESOS requirements. This policy is provided to students prior to any contract being signed or prior to any payment of the course, whichever happens first.

GCLC has implemented policies and procedures to ensure students are protected by the provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 and by the ESOS Regulations 2001. The Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedures are made available to students through our website, Pre-Information booklet and Student booklet.


Gold Coast Learning Centre will meet the needs of all students and will actively seek feedback on the range of services provided via a range of methods.

However, if we fail to satisfy a student in any area of service, then we are happy to discuss their issue and concerns and take appropriate steps to rectify the area of concern to a level mutually agreed by the student and the management of GCLC.

Complaints and Appeals: Dispute Resolution and Grievance Procedure

  1. If a student is dissatisfied with a decision made by a GCLC staff member or teachers, then we are happy to consider their issues, offer feedback, seek additional information, and if appropriate amend the original decision based on the new information.

    Students need to appeal decisions within 14 days.

  2. This agreement, and the availability of a Complaints and Appeals process, does not remove the right to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

  3. If GCLC defaults, refunds cannot be covered by this written agreement.

    For international students, such situations are covered by the provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 and by ESOS Regulations 2001.

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