Ensuring Reliability of Assessment Conducted by Agents on Our Behalf Policy and Procedures for Ensuring Reliability of Assessment Conducted by Agents on Our Behalf | Gold Coast Learning Centre


Agents operating on the Gold Coast Learning Centre’s behalf will be given the written placement test to be given to students upon enrollment with the exception of the General English Course placement test.

Agents will be responsible for guaranteeing the following:

  1. Prospective student took placement test at agent’s premises, under agent’s supervision.

  2. No consultation was permitted (no use of dictionaries, course books or phones).

  3. Test was applied once only and results sent to the center via email.

  4. Students will be made aware that they need to go through an interview upon arrival at the centre.

  • Class allocation and English support workshops will depend on the written / oral balance of student’s results and, if necessary, student may be required to take written test again upon arrival at the centre.

  • Please refer to the enclosed copy of instructions to be sent to agents. (not to be used for enrolments in the General English Course).

  • Dear………..,


    To ensure that all placement tests (pre-entry tests) taken outside the Gold Coast Learning Centre premises reflect a prospective student’s English knowledge, we request that you follow these instructions:

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