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To ensure compliance with standard one of RTOs-2015 Standards

GCLC will ensure the following:

GCLC has adequate education resources, including facilities, equipment, learning and library resources and premises as required by NEAS and AQTF requirements applying to the courses. The premises of GCLC, including the floor space available for each student, support students to achieve their course outcomes.

GCLC must notify the designated authority and the students enrolled with the registered provider of any intention to relocate premises (including the head office and campus locations) at least 20 working days before the relocation.


Staffing Procedures

GCLC has comprehensive policies and procedures, as required by NEAS and AQTF requirements, on the appointment, qualifications and promotion of GCLC staff. These are located in the GCLC staff induction booklet. The staff induction booklet is provided to all new staff.

Teachers for ELICOS Courses

All prospective ESL teaching staff will have:

Procedures for recruitment of ESL staff

Qualifications should be submitted through an application form. The selection process has four (4) steps:

  1. Submission of application form, with enclosed CV and certified copies of certificates/
  2. Interview with Manager.
  3. Invitation for teacher to observe a senior teacher and subsequently teach a model class while observed by the Manager.
  4. Invitation to join the Gold Coast Learning Centre staff.

Upon joining the GCLC staff, the teacher must present originals of his/her certificates and sign a contract. The next step is an induction meeting with the Manager during which the teacher will receive the induction booklet.

Trainer and Assessor for VET Courses

All Trainer and Assessor staff will have the appropriate qualifications and experience to deliver training and assessment relevant to the training products and services being offered.

Gold Coast Learning Centre qualifications are only delivered only by persons who have:

All Trainer and Assessors at Gold Coast Learning will have the following credentials

If a trainer and assessor employed by GCLC does not hold the required credentials will be working under supervision.

Anyone working under supervision is required to have:


  1. Trainers and Assessors will complete a Trainer Profile to map their current skills and knowledge to the units of competencies delivered by GCLC.
  2. Trainers and Assessors will submit a verified copy of their qualifications and credentials.
  3. Trainers and Assessors will submit a copy of their resume and professional development history to insure industry currency.
  4. Where a trainer and assessor doesn’t have the exact vocational qualification, they are delivering but considered to be competent to deliver the qualification by GCLC manager, GCLC will
    1. enrol the trainer and assessor in the qualification to ensure all skills and knowledge gaps are covered
    2. recruit an internal/ external assessor to mark the assessments.

Where training qualifications are insufficient, the trainer will be under direct supervision of a qualified trainer/assessor.

The direct supervision of a Trainer/Assessor Procedure requires:

Administration, Marketing, Student Services staff and Education Full Time staff

Staff Induction

All staff will undergo staff induction which includes an introduction to the policies and procedures for GCLC and job descriptions, the requirements of them as GCLC staff/teachers/trainers/assessors and the GCLC training and assessment strategies for the qualifications which they will be teaching.

A staff induction will be conducted with each new staff member and an induction checklist completed by GCLC manager.

For VET trainer and ELICOS teacher induction booklet, look at G:FORMS\EMPLOYEE

Staff files will be kept at the ELICOS/RTO/Staff Registry and will include:

Assessment of Staff Procedure

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