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This policy is designed to provide guidelines for the management of student discipline at GCLC.


GCLCs VET administrator and Manager, are responsible for the control and implementation of this policy and procedure.


Academic and General Misconduct

GCLC will be vigilant in the management of student misconduct. For the purposes of this policy, a breach of conduct is defined as either academic or general misconduct.

Academic Misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

Academic Misconduct is dealt with under the Plagiarism and Cheating Policy and Procedure. Please refer to this document for further information.

General Misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

Student Discipline

GCLC will treat all breaches of conduct seriously. GCLC will conduct a fair and equitable investigation, which will give the student the right to be heard. The Manager or VET administrator will determine whether the allegation has been substantiated and apply an appropriate level of action or penalty.


The student has the right to appeal the outcome of an academic or general misconduct decision.

Student Discipline Procedure

Academic and General Misconduct

Where an allegation of a breach of conduct has been raised, GCLC will investigate and decide upon the appropriate action or penalty through the following process.

Student Discipline

Investigation and determination of penalty

In the case of plagiarism, please refer to the GCLC Plagiarism and Cheating Policy and Procedure.

Immediate removal from training

Notwithstanding anything in this procedure:

Notification to relevant parties

The student will be notified in writing of the penalty imposed within five (5) working days of the decision being made, and, if they are a minor, a copy provided to their parent/guardian. A copy of the Student Complaints and Appeals Policy will also be forwarded to the Student (and parent/guardian, if applicable).

Where the student’s breach of conduct constitutes a criminal offence, the police or other relevant authority may be notified and a copy of all documentation and other records pertaining to the breach will be provided to them.


Appeals of decisions made under this policy shall be in accordance with the GCLC Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure.

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