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Student Support Services Policy

This policy outlines the appropriate services provided by Gold Coast Learning Centre to support students to adjust to study and life in Australia, achieve their learning goals and make satisfactory progress towards meeting the learning outcomes of the course in which they are enrolled.

Student Support Services includes the complaint and appeals procedures, course progress, attendance requirements, accommodation issues, counselling and the orientation program.

This policy applies to students and all staff involved in the provision of support services for international students.

Student Support Services Process and Procedures

  1. At Gold Coast Learning Centre, designated Student Contact Officers are appointed to ensure successful adjustment by students to life and study in Australia and assist in the resolution of student problems that could impede completion of their studies.

    Student Contact Officers at Gold Coast Learning Centre include the Manager, Academic Manager and Student Services Officers.

  2. Student Contact Officer details are provided to students during the orientation program. For teachers and staff, access to the latest information on the various Student Support Services available at Gold Coast Learning Centre are regularly updated and readily available in the staff area.

  3. The Manager will ensure:

    • Gold Coast Learning Centre staff members who interact directly with students are aware of their responsibilities under the ESOS framework and the potential implications for students arising from the exercise of these obligations.

      Staff members are kept up-to-date with their obligations under the ESOS legislation through regular information sessions, meetings and updates on modifications from various government departments relating to international students and the potential impacts for students.

    • Gold Coast Learning Centre documents any critical incident by following the Critical Incident Policy and Procedures. This procedure outlines the actions to be taken in the event of a critical incident, required follow-up to the incident, and records of the incident and action taken.

    • Gold Coast Learning Centre has an active, friendly and dedicated team of Student Support Services staff to act as the official point of contact for students.

    • Student Contact Officers have access to up-to-date details on the full range of Student Support Services available to students at Gold Coast Learning Centre.

    • Gold Coast Learning Centre has sufficient Student Support Services personnel to meet the needs of the students enrolled at GCLC.

      Suitably qualified teachers and staff are appointed to assist students adjust to life and study in Australia and assist them to resolve any problems that could impede completion of their studies.

    • Gold Coast Learning Centre follows the orientation program and regularly updates information provided to students.

      This information must comply with the requirements of National Code 2007, Standard 6.1 and be clear and easily understood by students.

    • Gold Coast Learning Centre shows evidence of an ongoing review process to ensure staff members have up-to-date details of the support services available to students.

    • Student Support Services policy clearly demonstrates that these services adequately meet the needs of the international student population.

    • Policies and procedures for informing staff are incorporated into staff handbooks and induction training.

    • Promotional material, both printed and electronic, contains information on the support services provided and students are advised of these services.

    • Information on the Student Support Services at Gold Coast Learning Centre is made available to prospective students prior to enrolment.

      Students are again made aware of the various Student Support Services available to them at orientation.

    • Airport reception and accommodation placement services are available through external Homestay agencies, and there is liaison with the Student Services Officer.

    • Materials containing the Gold Coast Learning Centre Complaint Procedure are made available to students at the time of enrolment.

    • Tours of the college and provision of other activities are provided to new students.

    • Students are aware of the support services available and Student Contact Officers details are provided.

    • Students are referred to various support services according to the circumstances.

  4. The Director of Studies (DOS) and Academic Managers will:

    • Advise newly arrived students during orientation of the teaching and assessment methodologies used at the college and provide advice to international students regarding settling into life in Australia.

    • Assist with the enrolment procedures for new students.

    • Assist students to understand the teaching and learning styles to be applied by teachers at Gold Coast Learning Centre.

    • Assist international students with problems faced in classroom situations, assignments, assessment or other issues around the centre.

    • Liaise with teaching staff when students report difficulties with their studies caused by timetables or other issues arising out of classroom management procedures.

    • Liaise with GCLC Student Support Service staff when students present difficulties which call for intervention from trained counsellors.

  5. Student Services Officers will ensure:

    • The provision of confidential counselling services to students.

    • The provision of other advice services, for example, those associated with personal issues, time management and budgeting.

    • Information on Student Support Services staff is provided during the orientation program for new students.

    • Tours of Gold Coast Learning Centre and the city are provided for new students during their orientation.

    • Students are settled into the college and will support them in adjusting to the Australian way of life and culture.

    • Students are notified of who to contact during an emergency and are advised of GCLC’s emergency number.

    • Students are advised of the Complaints and Appeals policies and procedures, including both informal and formal procedures.

  6. Teachers and Trainers will:

    • Assist in the enrolment of new students and ensure that timetables are made available at the time of enrolment.

    • Assist students to understand assignment tasks or other assessment methodologies being used by teachers.

    • Assist students presenting difficulties causing them to miss classes and refer the students to the DOS / Academic Coordinator or a Student Services Officer if additional assistance is required.

  7. Support Services provided by Gold Coast Learning Centre include:

    • Information provided on links to independent accommodation providers and real estate agencies.

    • Orientation program co-ordinated and managed by Gold Coast Learning Centre.

    • DOS / Academic Coordinator to assist and counsel students in their adjustment to the challenges of the Australian learning environment.

    • Access to counsellors in the Student Support Services.

    • Access to the college’s Complaints and Appeals procedures.

    • Advice on affordable, independent dispute resolution organisations.

  8. Students or intending students will be required to sign a declaration on the Pre-course Commencement Declaration Form.

    The student should:

    • Seek assistance from teachers, the Director of Studies, Academic Coordinator and Gold Coast Learning Centre staff as appropriate if you experience difficulties with any aspect of your course.

    • Seek assistance from a Student Services Officer or Gold Coast Learning Centre staff if any difficulties arise of a personal nature or you experience difficulties with budgeting or time management.

    • Acknowledge receipt of the Gold Coast Learning Centre Student Handbook and understand that it is your responsibility to read it.

    • Read and understand the Gold Coast Learning Centre Cancellation and Complaints and Appeals Policies.

  9. Students or intending students will also be required to declare on the student offer and acceptance agreement for an intending student along with payment of their tuition fees and Overseas Student Health Cover (if appropriate).

    The Manager will instruct staff that students or intending students will not be offered enrolment unless the declarations are signed by the prospective student. Copies of these signed documents are to be kept in the student files.

  10. The Manager will be available for consultation with students that will coincide with breaks in the student timetables to ensure students do not miss classes.

  11. The Manager will liaise with teaching staff should issues arise during consultation with students over assignments, assessments, classroom management issues or other matters stemming from the teaching of courses.

  12. The Manager will liaise with the academic managers / DOS regarding in-service teaching with appropriate organisations to ensure teachers with international students are aware of the special requirements of international students.

  13. The Manager will be encouraged to undertake professional development programs to build their expertise and understanding of how to assist international students adjust to their life as students in Australia and to assist international students resolve problems that could impede completion of their studies.

  14. International students may request Gold Coast Learning Centre staff members to act as mediators between the students and another party.

  15. The Manager will be encouraged to join organisations such as ISANA (International Students Advisors Network of Australasia) to enable networking opportunities within a peak body of Australian institutions providing services for international students.

  16. The Director will be called to participate in a formal Gold Coast Learning Centre complaint.

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