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Student Support Services Policy


This policy sets out how Gold Coast Learning Centre will conduct an orientation program for international students.


Gold Coast Learning Centre takes initiatives to welcome international students by organising an orientation program prior to the commencement of their course, taking into consideration the tremendous cultures, backgrounds and countries of the students.

The orientation program is intended to provide the international students an introduction to living in Australia as a student in an endeavour to assist the student transition successfully and ensure to the maximum extent possible, their success during the time of their study with GCLC.

This Policy sets out the framework for GCLC’s orientation program which includes:

Students will be provided with a Student Orientation Pack that includes all the required administrative information and documentation relating to the student’s enrolment. All course information, timetables and training and assessment strategies and Student Handbook.

Enrolment and ID Cards are completed and processed during orientation. During the orientation students will also be taken on a tour of the college and Surfers Paradise.

The orientation program also provides an opportunity for students to meet other students and the staff of GCLC.

Orientation is compulsory and students who do not attend will be required to make contact with the Student Services Officer to make arrangements for an alternative orientation session.


Student Orientation

  1. All full-time staff members are to be instructed on the GCLC orientation process to both understand and can assist with it.
  2. All staff must read the Student Information booklet to understand the specified rules and advice given to students.
  3. New students commence orientation at GCLC every Monday morning at 9:00 am.
    1. Administration staff will: welcome and ‘check in’ all new students – give them a name label and ask for their passports (to photocopy and double check their details) and are handed back.
    2. Take all new students to the orientation area and place students in order of arrival on the ‘arrival list’ sheet at 8:30am.
    3. Students are handed their GCLC Student Handbook and related forms.
  4. The Management team, Administer and student services officer will conduct the orientation by explaining general information from the Student Information booklet. GCLC’s staff members are to ensure that the topics below are made clear to the students:
    1. students understand the procedure for student complaints and appeals process;
    2. student visa holders understand their visa conditions and requirements e.g. attendance, limited working hours per week, course progress etc;
    3. who to ask when they have any questions or problems;
    4. advise students of the 24 hrs emergency number.
    5. College’s rules, assessment process and Course Progress Policy.
    6. Understanding their Course timetables and Training and Assessments Strategies
    7. Who to contact regarding their academic questions.
    8. Students rights and responsibilities in Australia.
    9. Additional student support programs and English support classes for VET students.
    10. Living on the Gold Coast and the laws related
    11. Beach Safety

N.B. If students still have difficulty in understanding the English language, GCLC can arrange for the interpreter to help them.

  1. Hand out the Writing Placement test/ LLN test form to all students.
  2. Find the corresponding copy of the Enrolment form, Contact Details, Pre-Course Commencement Declaration and Disclaimer Form. Explain each of these to the students. Instruct the students to complete and sign forms
  3. The Manager/Administer/ Student services officer hands out the timetables, Training & Assessment strategies and textbooks. Note: if any student is not happy with the class time or level, the student can discuss it directly with the Manager.
  4. Get the student’s signature on the Enrolment Form, and Disclaimer Form, making sure that the student understands the rules and policies, especially the cancellation /refund policy.
  • Full time teachers will conduct the speaking interview for the Placement test/ LLN test.
    1. After the speaking and listening interview, the ELICOS student will be placed in the correct level. VET students will be informed if English support is needed to assist in their studies
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