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GCLC is committed to the proper management of work health and safety. We will provide a safe and healthy workplace for our staff, students, contractors and visitors by having a planned and systematic approach to the management of work health and safety. We will provide the necessary resources for the successful implementation of this policy and its supportive procedures. Work health and safety will be managed through Gold Coast Learning Centre in close consultation with staff, students, contractors.

The policy is not intended to cover the entire scope of situations which may arise in a workplace that relate to safety or hazards. GCLC recognises this and we are committed to applying a continuous improvement approach to robust policy development.

The objectives of this policy are to ensure that:


The General Manager is responsible for:

Staff and students are responsible for:

Contractors are responsible for:

Safety guidelines

The following guidelines are provided as a basis for safe practice in the training and assessment environment. The guidelines are particularly relevant to students, trainers and assessors.

Electrical equipment:

Fire safety:

First aid:

Computer facilities:


Work and study areas:

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