Industry Engagement Policy

Industry Engagement Policy

Industry Engagement Policy and Procedures

March 2015 Standard 1: The RTO’s training and assessment strategies and practices are responsive to industry and learner needs and meet the requirements of training packages and VET accredited courses.

Policy Statement

Gold Coast Learning Centre has a commitment to providing a quality service with a focus on training and assessment practices that are relevant to the needs of industry and informed by industry engagement. Training and assessment strategies will be developed in consultation with industry and will be supported through the moderation and validation procedures. The College also implements a range of strategies for industry engagement and systematically uses the outcome of that industry engagement to ensure the industry relevance of training, practices, resources and skills.

Industry Engagement Procedure

Gold Coast Learning Centre ensures all VET trainers and assessors engaged by the College for the delivery of VET qualifications and/or accredited courses meet the requirements of the AQF standards and retains evidence of this. The College also ensures that all VET trainers and assessors are given the opportunity to engage in industry activities to continue to develop their competence and use this to improve training and assessment strategies. All industry engagement is to be recorded by the manager in the Industry Engagement Register.
Industry engagement may include but is not limited to:

  • Partnering with local employers, regional/national businesses, relevant industry bodies and/or enterprise RTOs.
  • Involving employer nominees in industry advisory committees and/or reference groups.
  • Embedded staff within enterprises.
  • Networking in an ongoing way with industry networks, peak bodies and/or employers.
  • Developing networks of relevant employers and industry representatives to participate in assessment validation.
  • Exchanging knowledge, staff, and/or resources with employers, networks and industry bodies.

Gold Coast Learning Centre ensures compliance with Industry Engagement by supporting all trainers/assessors with the following:

  • The manager will support all trainers and assessors of qualifications within their departments regarding the relevant training packages, competency-based assessment, vocational competence and vocational and industry currency.
  • Trainers and assessors must complete and maintain their Gold Coast Learning Centre currency documents (or staff profile or other college approved format).
  • These documents should be updated at least twice a year and should be saved at: Group drive / VETAdmin/VET Admin and Staff Profiles.
  • Trainers and assessors are required to review their own currency activities related to training and assessment and vocational currency, and, through their manager, maintain professional development activities to enable up-skilling and maintenance of both vocational and training and assessment currency.
  • Trainers and assessors are required to validate the activities they have engaged in with their manager, in order to remain current and to continuously develop their competence.