Marketing and Information Practices

Marketing and Information Practices

Marketing and Information Practices


Gold Coast Learning Centre will ensure that marketing and advertising of Australian Nationally Recognised qualifications to prospective learners is ethical, accurate and consistent with its scope of registration. This procedure will also ensure Gold Coast Learning Centre maintains the integrity and reputation of the Australian education industry.

This complies with:

  • Standard 4 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisation 2015, requiring that accurate and accessible information about an RTO, its services and performance is available to inform prospective and current learners and clients;
  • The conditions of use for the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Logo;
  • Standard 1: Marketing information and practices, National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018

This policy and procedure apply to all international marketing materials whether produced by Gold Coast Learning Centre or its partner providers.
All staff the responsibility to prepare advertising and marketing materials are to be fully conversant with the requirements detailed in this document.


This procedure should be followed for all marketing materials that are being prepared used both domestically and internationally. These materials may be published in print or online.

All of our advertising and promotional material must uphold the integrity and reputation of Australia’s education industry by ensuring the marketing of courses and services are not false or misleading. We will advertise in a way that makes it clear that we are non-discriminatory and supportive.

All marketing material will be checked and approved by the Manager prior to use using the Promotional Authorisation Form.

All promotion (publicity, signs, advertising, tee shirts, printed handouts, radio ads, etc must be authorised by the Manager or Marketing Manager, and that authorisation is recorded using this form:

Promotion authorisation form
Description of promotion: 
Date of authorisation:   /    /
Signature of the Manager/Director: 
  • The Director / Manager or delegated staff members have responsibility for the maintenance/ownership of this procedure.
  • Implementation is the joint responsibility of the Director and Management staff.
  • The Director / Manager is responsible for ensuring promotional material is accurate (no spelling mistakes, sufficient information) and up to date by reviewing on a monthly basis to keep it in line with compliances and regulations
  • If there are any changes to be updated on the promotional materials, it must be approved by the Director / Manager / Marketing Manager.


The following guidelines are to be followed when preparing advertisements and promotional information.

Gold Coast Learning Centre must:

  1. include a direct reference to Australian Consumer Law;
  2. only advertise those qualifications or units of competency that are listed as current on the Gold Coast Learning Centre scope of registration;
  3. identify qualifications in advertising by their full code and title as they appear in the training package and not to represent these qualifications or units of competency in any other way; provide accurate information about the courses being advertised and the outcomes associated with those courses;
  4. provide accurate information about any work-based training a student is required to undertake as part of the course;
  5. provide accurate information about any prerequisites for entry to the course (including English language requirements applicable to overseas students);
  6. maintain a clear distinction between nationally endorsed training being offered and other training being offered by Gold Coast Learning Centre;
  7. use the NRT logo only in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, Schedule 4;
  8. identify Gold Coast Learning Centre in any marketing material by its full RTO code (including CRICOS provider number) and legal name;
  9. clearly distinguish where training and assessment is being delivered on behalf of Gold Coast Learning Centre by any third-party organisation;
  10. include details about any government funded subsidy or other financial support arrangements associated with the provision of training and assessment;
  11. monitor closely the advertising and marketing been provided by any third-party organisation on behalf of Gold Coast Learning Centre.

Gold Coast Learning will ensure not to:

  1. provide false or misleading information in relation to course requirements when seeking to enter into a written agreement;
  2. provide any guarantees to learners about the successful completion of training or any employment outcome that is outside of the control of Gold Coast Learning Centre;
  3. integrate or confuse in any way training that is nationally endorsed with training that is not accredited;
  4. refer to another person or organisation in any marketing material without obtaining prior consent and approval;
  5. recruit students if it conflicts with its obligations under Standard 7 (Overseas Student Transfer) of the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.
  6. provide approval for any third-party organisation to advertise on behalf of Gold Coast Learning Centre unless it is appropriately specified with limitations within a written and signed agreement with the third-party organisation;
  7. commit to securing migration or education assessment outcomes for overseas students

The Manager / Marketing Manager will ensure that the copy of the Promotion Authorisation form that is signed attached to a proof copy of the handout, or of the radio script, etc and will file the signed authorisation in the Promotion Authorisation file.

ESOS Requirements for Marketing Materials

GCLC will ensure that it complies with the following for ESOS requirements for marketing materials:

  1. CRICOS provider code should appear in ALL Gold Coast Learning Centre written and electronic publications, materials and correspondence, or indicate that the material is not intended for use by international student. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. every page of the website that is pertinent to international students;
    2. prospectus and pre-application information (if in booklet form);
    3. application form;
    4. business cards of key personnel e.g. management, marketing staff;
    5. email signature blocks of key personnel e.g. management, marketing staff;
    6. letterhead / e-mails or footer used in letters making offers to students, promoting courses or for other marketing purposes;
    7. marketing tools, such as banners, PowerPoint templates, flyers, etc;
    8. removable section of pull out or tear away sections of promotional material;
    9. advertisements for programs for international students in an Australian or foreign newspaper;
    10. information about living in Australia if it is used as a tool to market to and recruit students;
    11. student handbooks, Information Guides and the like.
  2. All promotional materials for Gold Coast Learning Centre and Provider Institutions (if relevant) will clearly carry the registered business name and CRICOS provider number of Gold Coast Learning Centre and Gold Coast Learning Centre’s own Provider Code.
  3. If in the case programs are delivered by a partner provider, the promotional material will clearly indicate that the program is being delivered by a partner provider institute and will include details about the location and facilities of the partner provider institute. Should Gold Coast Learning Centre have a number of teaching sites at which the program/s may be offered, the partner provider institute should provide information about all these locations.
  4. If CRICOS registration has been applied for and has not been received, then a program will not be promoted or published anywhere.
  5. Where any material contains a pull out or tear away section, the removable section will also comply. Failure to do so constitutes an offence under section 107 of the ESOS Act.
  6. Gold Coast Learning Centre will not actively recruit a student where this clearly conflicts with its obligations under Standard 7 (Transfer between registered providers).
  7. The NRT logo is not to be used on Gold Coast Learning Centre product such as corporate stationery, business cards, building signage, mouse pads, pens, satchels, coffee cups, USB sticks and packaging around products. The NRT logo must also not be incorporated into or on the cover of learning and assessment resource supplied by Gold Coast Learning Centre. This includes PowerPoint presentations.

Informing learners of their rights and obligations

It is a mandated requirement within the Standards for Registered Training Organisations for Gold Coast Learning Centre to inform learners prior to their enrolment about their rights and obligations, about the services to be provided and about the payment of fees, other charges and refund arrangements. Whilst this requirement relates to the marketing and advertising of training, it is addressed in policy arrangements detail within the Enrolment Policy provided within this policy manual.